Like most blogs, it started with an obsession.
Actually, it was an unhealthy addiction to Bravo’s “Housewives” that got me started on the soup trail.  When all you can talk about are the exploits of a bunch of spoiled, rich, crazy, ungrateful women from Beverly Hills to New Jersey … well, you get the point. It is really not good for one’s outlook on life.
So I gave up TV. Cold turkey. No big deal, I thought. I can watch “The Good Wife” and the “Tudors” on DVD. I’ll catch up on my reading, take a few more yoga classes, call old friends and clean up my email.
Well, I did all that. Sort of.  Mostly.
Still there were plenty of hours in the evening left over. Not watching TV means you have time on your hands. I guess that should have been obvious, but I have to admit,  it came as a bit of a surprise.
And so I started to make soup. It didn’t hurt that I had bought a share in an organic farm and I was up to my elbows in eggplant, swiss chard and other perishable veggies.
Diving into soup kept me away from the television and potentially other bad habits. It is a soulful hobby.. There’s always something to eat (especially now that I bought a freezer) and there’s always something to talk about that’s warm, positive, creative and nourishing.
And that’s something I never got from “The Housewives.” So I hope you enjoy the blog. Of course, the best thing about making soup is getting feedback from others, including their favorite recipes. I would love to hear from you.
– Eileen Brown

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  1. I checked out your website like you told me to and I love it. You have some great and very unique recipes. I am still thinking about that newspaper idea you suggested to me on the plane. I am so glad I met you or else I would have never thought of the ideas you gave me on the plane to Tampa. We found the shuttle alright and I hope your trip in Tampa was amazing, I know mine was. I will have to comment again! Bye

    • Alexa: Thanks for checking out the blog! I am very interested in your budding food writing career … so let me know how it goes.

      Also, send me any soup recipes you (or your mom) might have. I am glad your trip went well and I hope your grandmother is doing better.

      Best regards,

  2. Saw you in the Daily Herald. Am switching to a plant based diet and realize my family would be more amenable to hearty soups than a pile of raw veggies. So I will follow your blog. I hope you are able to find ways to make great soups using low-sodium vegetable broths with no oil, dairy or meat.

    Sigh. Have you found a way to make a fake bacon flavor? :)


    PS: Never, ever followed a blogger before besides my daughter’s.

  3. My name is Beverlee, and I am a soupaholic. I LOVE soup and there is usually some sort of homemade soup in my fridge year round. I saw your recipe for mushroom barley soup in the Daily Herald this morning and I decided to try it. It is THE BEST mushroom barley soup I have ever had. Thanks for the recipe.

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